Authorities Find Van With ‘Homemade Bazooka’ Likely Intended For Mexican Drug Smugglers To Fire Items Over Border

Apparently, those crazy homemade submarines straight out of a James Bond film used to run drugs up from Colombia/Central America into the United States are no longer efficient enough, that or the drug smugglers simply have zero fucks left to give. I say this in light of Mexican authorities apprehending a group of drug smugglers in a van outfitted with a ‘homemade bazooka’ designed to launch drugs and other paraphernalia in America by shooting it across the border.

The New York Daily News reports:

Mexican authorities last week seized a black van fitted with a 10-foot “homemade bazooka” used to launch items across the border into Arizona.
The van that was carrying the cannon was parked in Agua Prieta, according to law enforcement officials in Mexico.
The vehicle had been reported stolen out of Hermosillo over the summer.
Images provided by the Mexican police show a hole cut in the vehicle’s roof with a cannon in the back of the van that could fire projectiles.
An air compressor apparently used to launch packages was also found, according to authorities.
Agents repeatedly see creative methods used by smugglers to send contraband over the border fence, U.S. Border Patrol spokesman Vicente Paco said Tuesday.
The most common method is hurling softball-sized marijuana packages into the U.S., often in residential backyards. Smugglers pay someone on the U.S. side to retrieve the packages, which are distributed around the country.

If you’ve been reading BroBible for a while then you probably know by now that even though I don’t smoke weed on the regular I’m 100% in favor of legalization. Colorado’s dispensary model requires that the overwhelming majority of cannabis sold must be grown from licensed farms within a certain radius of the dispensary, thus eliminating this outside cartel-grown marijuana from distribution in America. Now, if we could just pass through nationwide legalization there’s be absofuckinglutely no reason for these cartels to be shooting their shitty ass ragweed over the border and into the U.S. because we’d have our own heavily regulated (and taxed) homegrown supply. Instead, these cartels continue to profit by shooting drugs into America with fucking BAZOOKAS because their profit margin is still crazy high. If you truly want to see a drastic dip in cartel activity in America then vote for legalization if it’s on the ballot in your state next month.

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