Here’s A Hilarious Solution To The Dumb Rule About Hoodies And Masks Being Banned In New York

by 4 years ago
Hoodie and Mask


This is the crazy thing about owning your own store — you can make your own rules and people can’t really say shit. That’s when you get people demanding everyone speak English and making crazy rules like the shop doesn’t exist on planet Earth.

In more than a few stores around New York, signs have been popping up regarding polices on hoodies and ski masks. Basically — no hoodies and masks in the store. Masks, fine, those are scary as hell no matter how cold it is outside. Especially if you own a small deli that gets robbed once a week. As a shop owner it can’t be fun spending an entire day assuming you’re going to get robbed. Masks should come off inside.

The hoodie thing is bullshit. It’s a hood.

So the people over at Animal New York decided to have some fun with the dumb rules and set up a “Hoodie And Mask Concierge” who’ll assist customers with checking their hoods and mask at the door before entering.

The customer’s reactions are pretty priceless.

Via Animal New York

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