Video Of Failed Robbery Attempt Is A Lesson In Why It’s A Horrific Idea To Fight While Wearing A Hoodie

What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good CCTV video that involves people getting served up swinging haymakers full of instant karma. This dude was trying to rob a convenient store while wearing his hoodie and the two workers were having none of his shit, instead they threw down in glorious fashion and it was caught on camera for all of us to enjoy:

Ideally if you’re going into hand-to-hand combat (no weapons) then you don’t want to be wearing any clothing at all. Any piece of clothing can be used against you if someone latches onto it. You might be unable to defend yourself if someone grabs ahold of your clothing, you might get tossed around, it can get pulled over your head, etc. etc. Well, this dumbass criminal didn’t get that memo and he got worked.

I’m not here to try and make criminals better at their jobs by telling them what clothes they should and should not wear if there’s an expectation of a fight happening while partaking in criminal activity. All I’m trying to do here is save some of you bros from getting beat up while wearing a hoodie. Maybe you’ll be out there trying to stop crimes and some nefarious person of the night will try and pull your hoodie over your head to stop you from being able to positively identify them in a criminal lineup. Just ditch the hoodies unless you’re chilling around your apartment/frat house. They’re comfy as fuck but can be rather impractical.