Mark Your Calendars, Bros! Hooters Is Building A Real-Life ‘MILF Island’ Off The Coast Of Mexico

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Mark your calendars, bros. Coming in the Summer of 2018 the greatest restaurant chain on planet earth, Hooters, will be unveiling ‘Hooters Island’ off the coast of Mexico. This private island paradise known as ‘Hooters Island’ will be covered in Hooters restaurants, and amenities will include everything from zip-lining to virgin rainforests.

Given that today is April 1st and this island is purported to be near the island of Numenor it’s likely that this is all an elaborate ruse, but just like the cast members of The X-Files I’m choosing to believe.





Since leaving NYC after nearly a decade in Manhattan and moving back to my ancestral land of Florida a few months ago I’ve rediscovered my deep love for Hooters. Likewise I also made it to Mexico back in January and I hadn’t been there since college, that trip was an eye-opening reminder of just how much I love Mexico. Hooters Island will combine my two favorite things into one.

For those of you that aren’t 30 Rock super fans, ‘MILF Island’ was the 11th episode of Season 2, and in that episode ‘MILF Island’ was a reality TV show that took place within the show. It like TV inception, a show within a show.

I felt that this was an appropriate comparison for Hooters Island, sorry if you don’t approve.

For more on Hooters Island just follow that link and head on over to their page!

FWIW, the part about Hooters Air coming back was when I knew this was an April Fool’s joke. I knew this because they didn’t list Myrtle Beach as one of the airport locations that’d be flying to the Mexican island (Hooters Air used to fly into dirty Myrtle Beach). However, the second part of the Hooters Island landing page about winning a free trip is 100% legit. So if you want to win a free trip to Cozumel you should fill out your info.

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