The Entire Internet Is In Love With This Hot Amputee With A Badass ‘Army of Darkness’ Halloween Costume

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 2.35.30 PM


Last year Redditor aannggeellll won the hearts and minds of the Internet with her awesome AMA titled “IamA Amputee girl with “bionic arm” and bow.” She has many talents, including modeling, bionic grip, AND is able to shoot the hell out of a bow and arrow things to some pretty incredible medical technology. Her bionic arm stash is incredible, in fact. And her Halloween costumes are also freakinfantastic.

Today she posted a pic of her costume from Halloween 2014. Working in a Haunted House in Baton Rouge, she NAILED Ash Williams’ zombie-slayin’ Army of Darkness chainsaw arm costume.

When life gives you lemonade, saw the fuck out of them with your chainsaw arm like they’re zombies to make that damn lemonade. Well done, aannggeellll. You keep being you.


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