Idiot Jumps Into Bathtub Full Of Hot Sauce, Immediately Wants To Die Afterwards

Yesterday I confessed my undying love for hot sauce, the capsaicin elixir of life. I like hot sauce a lot, but only on my tongue where it can titilate my tastebuds. Not on my face or on my balls or in my butthole — that’s straight psychopathic.

The YouTuber behind the channel CemreCandar is a psychopath. He filled a bathtub wit 1250 bottles of hot sauce and jumped in, letting letting the spicy pepper liquid seep into every single pore of his body. He even dives in, with his eyes and face getting completely submerged.

Predictably, he squeals in pain. But you can’t feel bad for a person who does such a dumb thing for the sake of YouTube views, ya know? It wasn’t even a dare — And the $1 CPM YouTube is probably giving him isn’t really worth that type of hell.

Never mind this man’s colon — I wonder if the stains are every going to come out of that bathtub.

[H/T: Thrillist]

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