This Hot Tinder MILF Says Her Husband WANTS You To Bang Her, And The Solid Set Of DD’s She’s Got Seem To Agree

by 3 years ago


We all know Tinder is a crapshoot: sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes she spikes your latte with roofies on the first date and you wake up 24 hours later in a dark alley with your spleen missing. If you’re lucky though, you find a nice girl to settle down with who’s always happy to Netflix and chill or go out to parties. If you’re a goddamn lottery winner though, you match with Nicole.

Nicole, as you can see, is not on Tinder to fuck around. I’m not just deducing that from the profile photo though — her bio is straight to the “fuck me” point:



Which is better, winning the lottery or matching with Nicole? TRICK QUESTION: matching with Nicole IS winning the lottery, idiot.

[Via Imgur]