This Hotel Will Deliver Framed Pictures Of Nicolas Cage To Your Room By Request If That’s Something You’re Into

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Nicolas Cage is possibly my favorite, if not one of my favorite actors. The guy went from being a respectable dude starring in movies and grabbin’ up Oscars to someone who just straight-up stopped giving fucks about his reputation and decided to star in whatever movie got dropped into his lap. Granted, it mostly has to do with the fact that Cage keeps buying shit he can’t afford and needs whatever money people are willing to throw at him, but whatever! You’d still have to give a negative amount of fucks to star in something like The Wicker Man.

Take all of Nicolas Cage’s recent career choices into account, and there you have an explanation as to why the guy’s become sort of an Internet cult figure, aka he is the fucking man. If you need further explanation, here you go:

Get it? Got it? Good. So knowing now that Cage is da, you won’t be surprised to find out that when Sarah Grzywacz asked the hotel concierge at Hotel Indigo in San Antonio for a picture of Cage in Con Air, they happily obliged.


But Con Air Nicolas Cage wasn’t enough, so the next day she asked for a picture of him from Moonstruck to be delivered by 6 pm. It arrived late, but shit happens.


Then on her last day she asked for a picture of Cage from 8MM, and since it was her last day at the hotel, why not?


That concierge deserves one hell of a tip.


[H/T Elite Daily]

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