U.S. House Devolves Into ‘Game Of Thrones’-Style Atonement Walk After Controversial Bill Gets Defeated At Last Second

Democrats turned the U.S. House of Representatives into the streets of King’s Landing after Republicans pulled some last minute maneuvering to defeat an amendment on a defense bill.

The ammendent was introduced by Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney of New York, and wanted to eliminate language in the bill that would allow federal contractors to discriminate against LGBT employees on the basis of religious liberty.

The amendment reached 217 votes in favor, one shy of passing, when Republican leadership began pressuring members of their party to change their votes to ‘Nay.’

From Fox News:

The vote for Maloney’s amendment peaked at 217, one short of the majority needed for passage, before it began a slow, sporadic decline. Members of the Republican whip team, whose job is to round up needed votes, were stalking the House chamber’s aisles where GOP lawmakers seat, openly pleading for support.

After the amendment failed, Democrats began chanting ‘Shame’ in the chamber and booing, with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy their Cersei Lannister.

Maloney was naturally very pissed.

“They literally snatched discrimination out of the jaws of equality. We won this vote.”

Tread lightly, Maloney. Remember what happened to the dude who showed his dick to Cersei on her walk of atonement?


[Via Fox News]