Houston Flood Has This Guy Like ‘Dude, Where’s My Car’? TV Reporter’s Like, It’s ‘Gone In 60 Seconds’

by 3 years ago

houston rain storm car under water reporter

Houston endured heavy precipitation and a flash flood that saw 14 inches of rainfall in 12 hours. The Associated Press got this footage of a man trying to drive his car through the flooding, only to get caught up and almost go under with his vehicle. Thankfully, there was a TV reporter on site to help the driver to safety.

I really hope this guy has insurance that can cover the cost of replacing his whip. How many times have you been driving and seen a pool or maybe a lake of water on the street in front of you and thought, I got this, I’mma power right through and send up a pair of sick waves on either side of my ride?

I had some mixed feelings while watching this. First, it’s like why is this reporter just casually watching like a spectator at an interpretative dance party? Like hmmm, this is interesting, what do you think it means?

Second, the driver has to be in shock, right? Was he really willing to become a submarine pilot without any hours of training under his belt? Like, that driver was so unprepared and uninformed about what to do, it was frightening. What do I do? Get the hell out of the sinking coffin, dude! I think the reporter was in shock at how in shock the driver was.

I don’t know what to think of the reporter. Is he professional as hell for keeping the mic dry and continuing to be in reporter mode by sticking the mic in this devastated guy’s face or is he a scumbag for trying to squeeze a segment out of this dude’s tragedy?

Lastly, the final few seconds of the clip are just cocoa puffs. The driver seeing his wheels dropping below the water’s surface, acknowledging with “My car is under!” and the reporter, just laid back as a snapback, tying a bow on this report with, “Ya gotta leave the car.” That was the equivalent of “she’s gone… let her go…”

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