People Are Freaking Out About This ‘How A Baby Is Made’ Book Because It’s Disturbing Yet Hilarious

How A Baby Is Made


Do you know where babies come from, kids? Graphic sex between two cartoon figures in a book from 1975.

An educational book from 1975 about how a baby is conceived is freaking the internet out thanks to its cartoon-like, rather graphic pictures.

The book, How a Baby Is Made, is penned by Danish author Per Holm Knudsen, and painstakingly details the baby-making process from a man and woman meeting, to conception, to the actual birth.

Here’s all of the “offensive” photos and make sure to scroll down to the photo showing childbirth because it is AMAZING.





The only thing that could make that last image more perfect is if the kid had a thought bubble above his head that read “TA DA!”

If you want to pick up a How A Baby Is Made, used copies are on Amazon for a couple hundred bucks.

[via News AU]