Texas A&M Bro Tests Just How ‘Bulletproof’ Titanium Is By Shooting A Block With His .50 Cal…WHOA

I think the density and strength of metals is something most people just take for granted. We know that steel and titanium are amongst the strongest metals in the world, but unless we happen to be working in the field of metallurgy I think we don’t have any real grasp of just how mother fucking strong these metals are. Case in point is this video from DemolitionRanch, a YouTube channel dedicated to all things guns, where they test how strong titanium is by shooting a block of solid titanium with some extremely powerful guns. Most notably of course is the .50cal, but he hits that block with just about every pistol and rifle under the sun.

Shockingly few of the guns used are able to make any discernible impact on the titanium, which for some reason leaves a lasting impact in the shallow depths of my feeble mind…After watching this dude fuck up that block of titanium I’m able to at least somewhat comprehend how strong titanium is now. Sure I’ll never have any idea as to why titanium is the way it is, other than density, but at least now I have a visual representation of just how strong titanium is.

And for what it’s worth, the reason I called this marksman a ‘Texas A&M Bro’ is because of that bumper sticker on his truck…Just in case any of you were wondering what that’s about.

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