U.S. Map Shows You How Much $100 is Really Worth In Your State, Prepare to Be Depressed

Most of us have never had the good fortune of living during the time when $100 could buy you enough gas to drive to the fucking moon and back (if that were even possible). Yep, back in the days of yore, when folks had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to get to school, $100 went pretty goddamn far. In today’s world, $100 doesn’t amount to much. It can get you like 1/3 of an iPhone and 1/13 of a MacBook. It can’t even come close to buying you enough gas to take you too the moon, but it can buy you just enough to drive you to the point of realization that HOLY FUCK GAS IS EXPENSIVE.

In New York City (where I’m sadly currently exist) $100 feels like $20; it goes virtually nowhere. It basically takes you nowhere, too. Literally, $100 can’t even buy you a monthly pass to ride on the fucking subway.

This map below shows you just how much $100 is really worth in your state. And…SHOCKER…it’s worth less than $100 in New York.

[H/T BI via Tax Foundation]