You Will Be So Happy You Have Balls When You See How Much More It Costs To Be A Woman

I am so glad I am a dude. No putting on makeup. No periods. No having to carry around and birth a living creature if I want my legacy to continue in the form of a child. Really, I could go on and on about how great it is to be a guy.

Of course there are definite perks to being female as well. I’m not totally ignorant. However, it seems that when it comes to how much money we have to spend just to well, be us, we men also come out on the plus side. It almost makes that whole equal pay thing seem like perhaps women should be earning even more than men.

To demonstrate just how much more women have to spend on “stuff” than men check out this video showing the differences in what each of us have to dole out just to complete our morning routines.

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