Ready To Cringe? Here’s How You Can See EVERY SINGLE Google Search You’ve Ever Made

Did you know that Google has been logging every SINGLE search that you have ever done? Yeah, that’s kind of spooky and potentially embarrassing.

So much for clearing that old browser history, huh?

If you were logged in with your Gmail or Google account and did a search it’s all still right there for the viewing.

Not only will you find your search history there you will also find a plethora of other things you’ve done while logged in to Google. It’s pretty much most of your life on the internet.

Ready to see it? Okay, brace yourself and then just go here:

Amazing, huh? If you want to you can even see the very first thing you ever Googled using that account.

Heck, you can even download your entire history if you are looking for some new bathroom reading material.

Want Google to stop doing this? I imagine a lot of you will say “yes” to that. Digital Spy explains how that can be done…

Fortunately you can stop Google recording your search history, and pretty easily too. Clicking the “details” control under any past search will see a pop-up window appear with all manner of data on that individual search.

Mixed in amongst this is the “Activity Controls” option. Clicking this will let you tweak what Google tracks. Importantly, clicking the topmost slider, marked “Web & App Activity”, will see your future searches kept between just you and your conscience.

So there you go. If you were paranoid that Google was tracking everything you do, now you know that they pretty much are. Not at all creepy, right?

H/T Digital Spy; Google image: Denys Prykhodov /

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