If You Ever Get Locked Out Of Your Car Here’s How To Break Back In (Explained By Some Crazy Aussie Chick)

If you ever find yourself locked out of your vehicle and need to break back in then I want you to reference this video above. Seriously, commit this to memory and the next time you don’t have your keys to get into your car just do exactly what this chick does. This is advice I wish someone had told me a few months ago, back in May or June, when I locked myself out of my car. In reality, it was probably the first ‘senior moment’ of my life and I’ve never felt like a bigger dumbass than I did in that moment.

I’d stopped at the beach on Siesta Key to throw a few casts at sunset, and instead of taking my car keys out onto the beach with me I only brought the electric clicker/keyless entry device. I wrapped it up in my shirt while I went out into the water to fish. After a while, I came back to the beach, collected my belongings, and started walking back to my car. At some point, I realized the clicker had fallen out of my shirt and was lost/gone forever. I retraced my steps but it was already getting dark at this point so I accepted my loss and moved on, called AAA.

The locksmith showed up pretty fast, I think I only waited 30 minutes. First thing he does is walk up to my passenger door and open it. The fucking car wasn’t even locked. I’m NEUROTIC about always locking my car. I’m that dude who hits the lock button like 10x as he walks away from the vehicle and then continues to second guess if he even locked it. I didn’t check that the door was locked because this was probably the first time in my life I forgot to lock the door (in hindsight it’s because I was carrying a fishing rod and tackle box). The locksmith just looked at me like I was the dumbest mother fucker on the planet, and in that moment I really was.

So, don’t be like me. Next time you’re locked out of your car at least check the handle to see if your car’s unlocked. Don’t be like this Australian chick who tried to smash her window with a hammer only to find out the car wasn’t locked at all.

(h/t Radass)