How To Make Over 50 Different Types Of Jell-O Shots, Because Who Doesn’t Love Getting Drunk?

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Am I the only one who saw this post A THOUSAND TIMES on Facebook over the weekend? Honestly, I’m glad it’s getting shared so much: There are some Jell-O shots I’ve never heard of before and really want to try, like the Ankle-Breaker — “Lime Jell-o, 151 Rum, and Cherry Brandy” — or the Jollyrancher — Melon jello, vodka, apple pucker.

The person who compiled this list is a genius. Print this out and stick in on your fridge this upcoming weekend, Bros. Then start experimenting with booze in the kitchen like the drunk Dr. Frankenstein every secretly is when it comes to Jell-O shots.

Or just drink whiskey. Bottoms up. a friend just messaged me this picture and info.. LOL Here is a…

Posted by Angel Heaven Lee on Thursday, July 30, 2015

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