‘How To Open 5 Beers At Once’ Because Those 5 Beers Aren’t Going To Drink Themselves

Unless you’re both a functional alcoholic and an engineering student, chances are you’ve never seen this method on how to open 5 beers at once. This technique for opening up five beers at once isn’t exactly a time saver, because it requires that you first gather together five wooden rulers, and I can’t for the life of em remember the last time I saw more than one wooden ruler in a room. But once you’ve gathered together those wooden rulers you first create a starfish (or pentagram?) of beers, then you pop them under the caps of the five beers. Once the rulers are in place you apply a little force to the center and voilà! Open beers for everyone.

So what if this is nothing more than a drunken parlor trick, isn’t the whole point of getting hammered (in Germany) to bust out as many weird parlor tricks and drinking games as possible? Based on those outfits and their enthusiasm for boozing, I’d say this isn’t those German boys’ first rodeo. In fact, I’d go so far as to claim that they’re seasoned vets, and this ‘opening 5 beers at once’ trick was years in the making. Well, the work paid off. They’ve hit YouTube and at the time I published this blog post they were just over 3,100 views…BIG TIME IN LITTLE MÜNICH!

Here it is again in GIF: