How To Open A Beer Bottle With Anything Around You (Watch, Lighter, Teeth)

It’s important that you have the knowledge of how to open a beer in the absence of a beer bottle opener. Heaven forbid you find yourself out in the woods one day, sitting on the bed of a truck with a cooler full of bottles and no way to open them. Or maybe you’re at a house-warming party but the boxes haven’t been unpacked yet and nobody knows which box the bottle opener’s in? You NEED to be able to improvise.

And I know that most bros alive learns how to open a beer bottle using a lighter in college, or can open a bottle using another bottle, but if you already have those skills then this video’s for you to share with someone who doesn’t. Chances are that even if you’re able to use your watch to open a beer bottle you at least know someone who would would die of dehydration in the desert while sitting on a cooler of 48 beers, and that’s the person you need to share this video with.

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