Former FBI Agent Explains How To Spot A Liar By Just Listening To How They Say This One Word

We all lie. In fact, lie hundreds of times in one day. See.

It’s not always easy to spot a liar but there are a couple tells which will help. Here’s a tip from former FBI agent LaRae Quy and it involves paying close attention to their use of the word “no” in a conversation. According to Quy, any of these “no” responses “suggest they’re demonstrating deceptive behavior or trying to mislead you.”

  • Saying “no” and looking in a different direction
  • Saying “no” and close their eyes
  • Saying “no” after hesitating
  • Saying “noooooooo” and stretching it out
  • Saying “no” in a singsong manner

Now, none of these are 100% full proof (especially because I sing every response to every question) but these are just some signs that the person isn’t being forthcoming and that you might want to press a little harder or not take the bullshit they’re slinging.

[via Lifehacker]

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