Every Bro Should Know How to Tie a Tie Using These 18 Different Knots

Learning how to tie a tie is like learning to ride a bike, it’s essential to the proper development of every man.

However, one extremely common mistake guys make is learning to tie only one knot, and stopping there. That’s just un-f*cking-acceptable. You reeeaally gotta step up your game when it comes to necktie knots.

You can’t be rocking a Four-In-Hand Knot at a black tie event, and likewise the Eldredge Knot shouldn’t be worn to something casual. It’s all about pairing the proper necktie knots to the event. Thankfully for anyone reading this who’s only capable of trying one lowly knot ‘RealMenRealStyle‘ put together the infographic below on How to Tie 18 Different Necktie Knots. Scroll through, commit it to memory, print it out, do whatever you need to do. Just make sure you’re switching up your knot game from time to time.

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