How To Crush Your Friends At Monopoly Using Absolutely Legal Tactics That No One Knows About

My kid just started playing Monopoly. He begs me every day to play. He’s pretty good, especially for a five year old, except he makes all the common rookie mistakes like he buys everything he lands on and send himself broke, he gets put in jail and doesn’t pay to get himself out and he makes me banker and I just steal money the entire game. Classic mistakes.

This Imgur gallery explains to never lose at Monopoly again. Basically, you’ve got to pay attention to obscure rules no one remembers or even knows about, like this one involving landing on a property and it becoming a buying free-for-all.

Since a lot of people have brought this up (and it also seems to be something most people don’t know), if someone lands on a property and doesn’t buy it, either due to shortage of funds or not wanting to pay the list price, it is auctioned by the bank to the highest bidder. Landing on a property only gives the player first right of refusal to buy, not the right to prevent others from buying. This can sometimes be a good way to snag a cheap property, or pay extra to complete your set.

Yeah, I had no idea. Now I’m really going to destroy that little turd on our next game night.

Click through this gallery to learn how to never lose at Monopoly again.

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