How to Win Rock Paper Scissors Every Single Time

Rock paper scissors isn’t an easy game to master. But when you know the odds, rock paper scissors can work in your favorite at winning a bet every single time. Here are the keys at how to win rock paper scissors every single time someone challenges you.

I wish I knew these tricks to winning rock paper scissors in elementary school. Apparently there are legit tournaments for rock-paper-scissors freaks that are officiated by the World Rock Paper Scissors Society. The stakes are much higher than playing your friends in the cafeteria for who’s buying the nutty buddies for lunch; Professional rock paper scissors tournaments have prizes of over $10,000, which is a nice chunk of change for such a simple game. I sorta hope the game makes its way to Vegas circles, where high stakes rock paper scissors rooms become the new norm in posh casinos.

The keys to winning the game?  Throw paper as much as you strategically can. Most men throw rock on their first try, so throwing a paper out of the gate works in your statistical favor. Most people who have already won are more likely to repeat their throw, so if you lost, remember to throw something that will challenge the winning throw of the last game. It’s all about playing as many times as you can to keep above 51%. Best out of 5? Nahhhh… Stick to best out of 10.

More tips at how to win rock paper scissors every single time in the video below.

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