Enormous Man Confronts Woman Beater At Huddle House, Threatens To Eat Him For Breakfast, Shit Hits The Fan

Nothing good happens in Huddle House after the sun goes down. That is unless you’re in the business of posting viral videos to the Internet, in which case only good things happen in Huddle House after sunset.

If you’ve never been to a Huddle House before there’s no reason to fret, and while they’re not all like this one you see in the video, this isn’t too far off the mark. Part of being a 24-hour diner means that you get to deal with the crazies, the people who are up in the middle of the night with the munchies and looking to stir up some trouble. The Huddle House is a very special place, and I firmly suggest each and every one of you check it out if you haven’t been there before. The video above is basically the drunken Huddle House of my collegiate life that I so fondly remember.

That video above came to my by way of Reddit, where people were trying to claim that the man in the video was actually shot and killed, which is not the case. The incident to which they were referring took place at a Waffle House, not a Huddle House. So we can put those rumors to bed.

I have to admit though, even if I was as big as that polar bear in the video I’d probably have wavered a bit in my resolve after the man accused of pounding on a woman began threatening to shoot me. It’s astonishing that even in the face of being threatened with gun violence he was able to stand his ground and pound on that piece of shit accused of hitting a woman.

This man is my Hero of the Week.