The Sad Tale Of How A Hugging An Ex Ruined A Girl’s Black Friday

If you haven’t worked retail on Black Friday then you don’t know the trauma, misery, anguish and torture that working retail on Black Friday entails. Human beings transform into savage bargain-hunting zombies with no patience, zero civility and not one ounce of kindness. These vicious vultures will wait outside of any store on Black Friday anticipating a deal on the most mundane baubles. This girl in the story had to deal with a raging horde of these barbarians all thanks to her ex-boyfriend.

In Reddit’s Today I Fucked Up (TIFU) subreddit, user logatronics detailed how he made his ex-gf’s shitty day even shittier.

TIFU by giving an ex a hug on Black Friday.

It’s 7:30am on Black Friday and a few buddies of mine were getting breakfast at a restaurant before heading out climbing for the day. The restaurant is busy and full of middle aged people we assume are out for the day to enjoy a nice morning meal before enjoying the cold but sunny day. It’s a small town so anyone who wanted to do some crazy black Friday shopping probably drove out of town. I was wrong.

As we’re eating, I looked across the street at a local shoe store that a woman just unlocked and walked into. She was getting the store and cash register ready and I realize it’s an old ex girlfriend from early high school who got surprisingly attractive. I decided to step out of the restaurant for a second and walk over for a quick chat and see how she’s been doing.
I’m dressed in dirt bag climber style (cut off jeans with long johns on underneath, beanie, ripped shirt etc) and look a little ridiculous as I approach the store entrance. I knocked on the glass and she looked over and took a second to realize who I was. She smiled, came over and unlocked the door to let me in and give me an awkward hug.

At that moment I’m giving her a hug, her eyes lit up. I turned to see every FUCKING PERSON IN THE RESTAURANT comes running over and through the doors of the shoe store. She obviously still didn’t have the register ready, an open sign on, anything ready for the epic retail workers nightmare of Black Friday.

They came pouring in, her face is going “Oh god, no no no no no no no.” and all I say is, “shit, I’m sorry. I’m headed climbing now, good luck!” and walked out.

I returned across to the now nearly empty restaurant to visit my friends. “Dude, we just saw that all go down. You just ruined that girls day!”

Moral of the story, Black Friday is a terrible day to get a retail workers number.

Even if it’s only five minutes early, to open the gates to these deal-seeking monsters when the employee is not ready is a travesty. This girl will not have her register open, won’t have all the merchandise ready, and won’t be in the right mindset to deal with these brutes. You done fucked up dude. Don’t expect to rekindle the flames after this gigantic blunder.


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