Watch This Human Catapult In Action And Tell Me You Don’t Want To Do It RIGHT NOW

The Science Channel’s Outrageous Acts of Science recently featured this “human catapult” created by mechanical engineer Jason Bell and it looks like way more fun than any ride I’ve ever seen at any carnival or amusement park.

Oh, did we mention that Bell made this human catapult in the confines of his garage at home? Yep, some people really do now how to put their creative gifts to the best possible use.

In the video we get to see the catapult launch BASE jumpers more than 20′ vertically and 50′ horizontally over the edge of a bridge, which is pretty sweet. But the best part is that they’ve also used it to shoot people into lakes and other bodies of water, which is totally where this bad boy needs to be installed all over the world.

For now though, the only way for us to use it is to rent it or just buy one. Be right back while I see how much credit I have left on my Visa.

Here’s a longer version of the video showing more about how the catapult works, and of course, even more clips of it launching humans into the air.