Hundreds Of Sharks Had A Feeding-Frenzy Off The Beach In Panama City, Florida

Planning a trip to Panama City Beach for spring break, Bros? This video will make you think twice about getting in the water there. Because it turns out there’s more to fear on Spring Break than just syphilis that you *swear* came from a hot tub.

Last week a couple spotted a massive shark feeding frenzy in the Gulf water off PCB. Hundreds of sharks were chowing down on a feast of mullet. Via News Herald:

Tyra and Blake Whitlow were watching three of their four children playing on a raft in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday afternoon when they noticed that the water near the children looked like it was “boiling.”

That was right after they’d noticed a couple on a paddleboard rushing toward shore.

“Why are they coming in so fast?” Tyra asked her husband. “They must have seen something. I stood up and realized they were seeing splashes. It looked like the water was boiling.”

The splashes were caused by schools of small fish leaping out of the water to avoid being eaten. They were being chased by hundreds of sharks, up and down the shoreline in both directions.

A shark researcher at the Florida Museum of Natural History speculated that the sharks in the video are blacktip and spinner sharks. And it’s actually a good thing to see this kind of behavior, as long as you’re not swimming in it:

Blacktips and spinner sharks are common in the Gulf of Mexico, according to Burgess. Seeing the feeding frenzy was an indication that fishery management policies were going well, Burgess said. Both shark species experienced a previous population decline.

“It’s spectacular when you see this on a video,” Burgess said. “To those of us that study sharks … it’s a good indication that the mullet and shark populations are returning to normalcy.”

Fins up.



[H/T: Huffington Post]