Hunter Gets Mauled By Bear He Thought Was Dead After It Was Shot Out Of A Tree

I have no idea on the specifics on why these hunters were after this bear. Was the bear a threat to livestock or children? Were they just killing it for sport? Were they hunting the bear and were going to eat the bear? I have no idea. This post has no message of support or condemnation, it is just a video to illustrate the sometimes life comes at you fast.

A seemingly novice hunter attempted to shoot and kill a bear that was perched high up in a tree. The gunman fired three shots and the bear fell a long, long ways out of the tree and crashed to the ground of the forest. Another man was on the ground near where the bear fell.

Now instead of making sure that the beast was dead before he approached it, this dummy strolled right up to the bear. And it was still alive. Very much alive in fact.

So alive that the bear chased and mauled the man. The bear goes on a savage attack that would make the bear from The Revenant proud.

Thankfully the man survived the potentially lethal encounter.

“Luckily he only suffered minor injuries that will definitely leave a scar but it could have been much worse,” one of the hunters said.

The man who uploaded the video gave this pearl of wisdom, “Always wait for the death moan from the bear to make sure it’s dead.”

The moral of the story is that sometimes the hunters become the hunted.