Every Husband Can Relate To This Guy Who Had A Total Meltdown Grocery Shopping For His Wife

by 2 years ago
women sends husband grocery shopping meltdown

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If you are or ever have been a husband you will be able to relate to this story. Heck, if you have ever had a girlfriend you can probably relate to this story. Because we’ve all been there, the wife or girlfriend sends us out to pick some things up at the store. We get there and have no freaking clue where to find the stuff she asked for, especially if it happens to be some very specific items she wants from the grocery store. Which is exactly what happened to this poor fellow who was sent on an errand complete with list in hand. (Note: The list doesn’t help, ladies.)

See if any of this looks and sounds familiar…

“I sent my husband grocery shopping earlier (with a list) and it stressed him out so bad,” said Tasia, the wife in question.

Now, forgive me, but I am with this guy here. Shallots? Rice vinegar? Leeks?

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