Heroic Man Saves His Wife From Shark Attack By Punching It In The Face After It Bit Her Leg

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It’s one thing to show up to the office every day and drink morning coffee from a mug with ‘World’s Greatest Husband’ emblazoned across the front because your family gave you the mug. If you’re drinking out of that mug, the reason I’ll be judging you is for being the biggest fucking cheese ball in the workforce, but I won’t judge you for not earning your stripes.

It’s very rare that a man earns the title ‘World’s Greatest Husband’ or ‘World’s Greatest Dad’. More often than not you get gifted that coffee mug because your family doesn’t know you well enough to buy you a good gift, a gift that reflects your interests. So, they opt for that generic bullshit. However, every now and then a man comes along and earns the title ‘world’s greatest husband’ and this is one of those cases:

A British woman was saved from a shark attack when her husband punched the fish to scare it away.
The woman was snorkeling near the remote Ascension Island, in the British territory of St Helena, when the shark bit her leg.
A source told The Times that her husband punched the shark. A witness said the shark then also attacked her husband, but this report is unconfirmed.
The mother of two, named by locals as Frankie Gonsalves who works for the government of St Helena, was treated at local Georgetown Hospital and then airlifted to the UK.
The extent of her injuries are unclear. The type of shark that attacked her is also not known. (via Independent UK)

He f’ing jumped in while his wife had been bitten on the leg by a shark and punched that mofo right in the goddamn face, sending the shark swimming in the other direction.

I’m sure most of you would like to think that you’d do the same in his situation, but when you see a shit ton of blood in the water and a shark swimming around you’re likely to panic and/or go into a state of shock. This man kept his wits about him and punch the shark right in the kisser. Well done.

What I find the most fucked up about this story is the location of where it took place, Ascension Island. I feel like any time I’ve ever seen Ascension Island in the news it’s because of some sharks doing crazy shit.

(h/t Independent UK)

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