Here’s What Happens When You Crush Dynamite With A Hydraulic Press (Hint: Big Bada Boom)

It’s been several months since I last threw up a video from the Hydraulic Press channel on YouTube, once the fastest growing channel on YT. With 1.3+ million subscribers it’s still one of the hottest channels around, I guess, but at some point I think we all knew they were going to run out of cool shit to crush with the Hydraulic Press and they’d have to walk in the footsteps of Adam and Jamie from MythBusters and start fiddling around with explosives.

In the video above (GIF below) the Hydraulic Press takes on on dynamite, one of the best known explosive materials on the planet. Seriously, everyone who has ever seen an action film knows dynamite and thus it’s the perfect explosive material to revitalize a quasi-flailing YouTube channel. It’s still pulling in a couple hundred thousand views on each video but nothing close to the 2.4 million views this dynamite video’s picked up in just a few days…Anyways, let’s watch that action in GIF once more, shall we?

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