‘I SAID NOT TODAY’ — Fire Victim Gives Epic TV Interview After Her Apartment Complex Catches On Fire

On Sunday night, a fire at an apartment complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma left over a 100 people without power. When a local news crew showed up, however,  they were surprised to find one resident making humor of the unforunate situation. Michelle Dobyne gave Tulsa’s News On 6 the local news interview of the year:

My friend came to the door — she said — I was on the phone, cooking me and my babies some breakfast. And she said, “Hey, something wrong. It’s popping!” I said “WHAT!” She said “Yeah!” I said, “Naw!” So the girl come downstairs, she come out of her apartment with her baby with no shoes on. I said, “Aw, girl, it’s cold outside.” She said, “Something ain’t right!” I said, “Aw, man!” She said, “AW MAN. THE BUILDING IS ON FIRE.” I said, “Naw, what!” I got my three kids and we bounced out, uh uh, we ain’t gonna be in no fire, NOT TODAY.


Respect to Michelle for protecting her family. Move over Sweet Brown — “I SAID ‘NOT TODAY!'” is the new “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

[H/T: Drudge]

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