Ice-T Wants You To Know He Dances Around With His Cock Out When He Wins At ‘Call Of Duty’

If you ever get shot in the head by Ice-T while playing COD online, you now know what he’s doing. Whether or not that’s incentive to beat the ever-living shit out of him I don’t know. Personally, I’d let him kill me just so I could be like “Heh, Ice-T is totally about to unzip his pants and hump around the room.”

According to Ice-T, all you have to do is unzip your pants so your dick falls out and then swing it around. From the way he demonstrates, it appears that the proper way to do it would be while holding your hands in the air with a goofy grin plastered all over your face. Whether he’s making the face because that’s what he actually does during the dance or because he just realized that this is a really, really bizarre topic to talk about on Conan, we’ll never know.

[H/T Gawker]