Two Jackasses Stole An American Flag From A Front Porch On Memorial Day, Get A Healthy Dose Of Instant Karma

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You have to be the ultimate lowlife to steal an American flag off a house. Sure, it’s a commodity you can buy at Lowes like anything else, but you’re scum if you steal America’s symbol of freedom and greatness off someone’s house. Fortunely, according to a tipster, these jackasses got dealt a swift kick of justice from Uncle Sam for their idiocy.

My coworker’s American flag was stolen off his porch by a couple morons at about midnight on Memorial Day.  As you’ll see in the video, the picket fence dishes out some instant karma.  These idiots stole two other flags from the same neighborhood and we are trying to identify them.

Can we get a bald eagle stream for that instant karma? Fuck them.

Go get ’em, boys. These idiots belong in cuffs, not snapbacks.







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Music for global superpowers ONLY.

Music for global superpowers ONLY.

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