This Is Apparently What It Would Look Like If Guys Got Periods, And I’m Still Glad That Doesn’t Happen

Show of hands…What guys here wants to get a period just to know what it’s like, to see what it’s all about?

Hmmm. No hands raised.

That’s what I thought might happen.

No disrespect to the ladies (I said “no disrespect” so I can say whatever I want now, that’s how this works) but fuck periods. Fuck the cramps. Fuck the mood. Fuck the blood. Fuck the ruined linens from running red lights. Fuck it all. Even if this video is saying that a man having a period would give him carte blanche to act like a raging dickhead and eat an assload of Entenmann’s chocolate chip soft batch (God, those are tasty), I’d just rather not have the experience. The same goes with giving birth and peeing sitting down.

What can I say? I like the convenience of being a man.