Calling All Vapers: Uncle Sam Is Trying To Take Away Everything You Hold Dear, Here’s What You Need To Know

by 3 years ago

This is no mere ‘2015 Internet call to action’, if you’re a vaper and enjoy vaping or use vaping to quit smoking cigarettes then you NEED to follow the instructions above right now. Bill HR2058 is being introduced to the 2015-2016 session of the United States Congress and it’s seeking to protect 99% of all vaping products on the market, products that will COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR within the next 4 years if the FDA has its way. Again, if you’re a vaper then you should SUPPORT HR2058. Here’s what you need to know.

CASAA is the organization that’s taking charge in the fight for HR2058 (fight against the FDA). They’ve just released a lengthy blog post, the same blog post that the video you see above is based upon. Here’s the long and short of what has to say, and what they’re urging you (vapers) to do:

Today, Tuesday, October 27th, longtime vaping opponent the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (CTFK) has organized a call-in action to urge President Obama to put pressure on the FDA to finalize their Tobacco Deeming Regulations. What CTFK and others are failing to mention is that if the deeming regulations are enacted as written, 99.9% of the vapor products currently on the market will be gone within two to four years. Make no mistake, the current proposed regulations will have a devastating impact on consumers and businesses alike; not to mention the obvious damage to public health.

First, if you have not already done so, it is critical that you send an email to your Congressional representative and Senators asking them to support and co-sponsor HR 2058, a bill that would stop the FDA from banning 99%-plus of vapor products.

Second, please take a moment, on Wednesday, October 28th, to
Call the White House at 202-456-1111.
We have provided talking points below.

Third, please share this post with your friends.

Make no mistake about it, big tobacco (and in turn, Uncle Sam / the FDA) wants to see vaporizers completely regulated and/or wiped off the market. There are a lot of really, really wealthy people moving the needle on this one, and you can actually make a difference by emailing your U.S. Congressional Rep and Senators.

Here’s a link to HR2058 so that you can familiarize yourself with that. And now that you know what needs to be done in order to protect your vaping I suggest take the necessary action if you enjoy your hobby, because next week might be too late.

Shout out to Jay Mewes for tipping us all off to this!