Bro Takes His Hot Girlfriend To IKEA, Proceeds To Torture Her With The World’s Greatest Puns — Learn From This Man

IKEA is known to be one of the toughest obstacles any couple can face, so this bro devised a way to spice up the trip to IKEA knowing that his relationship might not endure a run-of-the-mill adventure to the Swedish home furnishings store. I’m going to go ahead and call “good luck tiny pony” the best IKEA-related pun ever used, and I’m also going to admit that I’m shocked Donna didn’t punch him in the forehead at any point in this video (that we see).

That cunning linguist pushed Donna to her limits, even after she repeatedly begged for him to stop. And for those of you pissed off that he shot it as a vertical video he provides a slight explanation in the YouTube comments, saying that this video was originally on Snapchat, and that you vertical video haters will survive. The deepest lasting memory from this photo though is just how many f*cking vowels there are in Swedish words…Why?!?! Why do they need so many vowels? Where’s the brevity????