Watch This Impatient Man Cheat Death After He Jumps Off A Ferry And Nearly Gets Scissored In Half

When it comes to ‘level of patience’ I probably rank somewhere in between New York Stock Exchange Broker and a 2-year-old waiting in line at Disney World. I have zero patience in life. As lazy as I am, I always need to be doing something or on the go elsewise I’ll soon get bored as hell and make people’s lives miserable around me. So I 100% understand this bro on the ferry trying to hop off early and get out of there as quickly as possible, but after watching the video I 1000000000% understand the need to STAY ON THE FERRY UNTIL IT HAS DOCKED.

I gotta say, bros, I’m pretty effing glad I didn’t accidentally click on a YouTube video featuring a man chopped in half by the gate of a ferry. That would’ve really thrown off the mojo of my day/week/month/year. Watching people die on YouTube is not exactly a favorite pastime of mine, but this video was pretty stressful nonetheless. Here’s the action again in GIF:

This impatient (possibly drunk) ferry rider hops off before the ferry has full docked, falls into the sand as the ferry continues to progress, and with the force of that boat behind him he would have been scissored in half like a gummy worm. I feel the need to mention I’m not talking about the Mr. Garrison from South Park type of scissoring here, I’m talking about the kind where we almost watched a video of a dude’s body getting chopped in half like a celery stick.


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