Are These Two Incarcerated Men The Dumbest Guys Of All-Time Or The Greatest Friends Of All-Time?

So your bro gets arrested for underage drinking. You and another friend, who are also minors and also drunk, want to help your chum, do you:

A.) Hire a lawyer
B.) Wait until the morning when you are sober and can formulate a well-thought-out plan
C.) Inform your friend’s parents so that they can bail him out
D.) Go to the police station at 2 a.m. to bail your friend out despite being plastered

If you answered A, B or C then you are probably have an IQ higher than 61. If you answered D then you’re probably Hanni Bichir or Triston Burton. These two future Nobel laureates decided they would go to Johnson County Law Enforcement Facility near Indianapolis at 2 a.m. on Sunday to bail their friend out. One teensy-weensy little problem, they were drunk and underage. Deputies noticed that 20-year-old Hanni Bichir and 19-year-old Triston Burton smelled of alcohol and appeared to be intoxicated. A breathalyzer showed that the cops were correct in their assumptions because Triston blew a .135 and Hannie a .161. Both were arrested and very conveniently escorted only a few feet into a jail cell. But hey they got to be with their friend again.