Insane Cat Fight Is Topped Off By A Chick Getting Suplexed Into The Pavement, Somehow Keeps Her Spine Intact

I don’t know guys, whaddaya think? Split decision? The chick in the Babe Ruth t-shirt jersey got in 42 clean punches and a windmill suplex on the pavement, whereas maroon top avoided a brain hemorrhage–so that’s gotta count for something. Ruth missed on a flurry of haymakers but it’s cool because everybody forgets the strikeouts.

As for the motive of the fight, it’s unclear. But motels are required by law to fill a quota of one parking lot fight a day, so maybe management baited them with some running water. Or crack cocaine.

Pro Tip: Never instigate a fight with someone in a t-shirt jersey. The ones who can’t afford the real thing have the least to lose.


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