Brooklyn Guy Has Insane Classic Car Collection That’s Different From Anything You’ve Ever Seen

Brooklyn resident Lenny Shiller owns a classic car fleet unlike any other in the country. What makes his so different? He doesn’t give a crap about the “must have” cars that other collects fawn all over.

“I like it to be an eclectic collection,” Shiller explained to filmmaker Peter Crosby, “so you’re not going to see Mustangs or ’59 Cadillacs or ’55 or ’57 Chevrolets. Because everybody has those. So you’ll see in here there are three Packards, two Nashs, three Hudsons, cars that you just don’t see.”

Shiller gave a tour of his collection to Crosby and the footage is a must-watch for true fans of cars and not just those interested in the flash of certain automobiles.

[via Cool Material]