How Hateable Is This Woman Who Jacked A Handicapped Parking Spot And Then Went Crazy When Confronted?

This lady could not be more hateable. I hate her. You hate her. Her dad probably hates her.


I honestly don’t think that handicapped people need our policing as much as we like to give ourselves credit for. Like they probably don’t give as much of a shit about an able-bodied person taking one of the four handicap spots in an empty parking lot as this social justice hero does. It’s why I don’t offer old people my seat on the subway unless they look like they’re seconds away from death–“Hey you look all old and wrinkly and too fucking senile to stand, take this seat you crypt-keeping fucking fuck. You’re disgusting.” That’s what they hear. Probably.

Which leads me to believe that this dude was just looking to be the internet hot shot of the day. I mean the YouTube video he uploaded is titled “I confronted a handicap parking thief, she assaults me!” Little dramatic, don’t ya think bro. Were you expecting a fucking Purple Heart for your courageous act of valor? Should we set up a GoFundMe for the injuries you’ve sustained in this tragic incident? Would you have confronted the lady if your phone had died and you couldn’t tell the whole world about your good deed? *Shakes Magic 8 Ball* OUTLOOK NOT SO GOOD.

Plus, crying ‘ASSAULT’ dude? For getting a cup of coffee thrown at you? I’m no lawyer, but I’m not a bitch and if you’re physically able to mutter the words ‘assault,’ it’s probably not assault. You’re literally crying handicap when you’re not. See any irony in that, bro? Rub some fucking dirt on it, there’s no crying in Trying To Be An Internet Hero. Your grandfather is rolling over in his grave right now.

Shit, I think I hate the dude more than the girl now. This life has made me jaded. GET OFF MY LAWN.

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