Good Lord, This Lady’s Insane Recipe For An Old Fashioned Is The Greatest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

The beauty of the Old Fashioned is that it’s such a elegantly simply drink. Some rye, some bitters, some sugar and damn if you aren’t in alcohol heaven.

Sure, there are variations. Some add club soda, others use simple syrup, but I will tell you one thing that never changes. It comes in a rocks glass, not a pint glass with a gallon of bourbon in it, alongside some mashed up cherries.

Unless your LA’s Hottest Bartender, JaNee of Mahalo Cocktails on YouTube, whose recipe for an Old-Fashioned involves pouring an entire bottle of Jim Beam into a glass.

It’s … it looks terrible and fantastic at the exact same time. I implore you to make it this weekend.

If this reminds you of another famous celebrity chef with a drinking problem, you wouldn’t be wrong.

I want to marry a lush like these two ladies.

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