INSANE Video Of Near-Death Mid-Air Collision Of Skydivers And Plane

There are about a thousand and one things that run through your mind that could go wrong during a skydive and kill you. Will your parachute malfunction, will you electrocute yourself by crashing into power lines, will a strap snap, will you blackout and be unable to open your parachute and will you shit your undies? But generally you don’t worry about if the plane that you just exited from seconds ago will circle around and collide with you mid-air. That was exactly the case for these two skydivers.

YouTube user Forest Pullman shared his harrowing near-death encounter from his skydiving jump on October 19, 2014.

The description from YouTube is as follows:

After an uneventful exit…. The pilot dove the airplane 180 degrees right at me and my tandem passenger. how we got so lucky?!?! Not sure.

I have never heard of this happening. After some research and talking to friends about it I now know of two other incidents like this. One is on you tube and he did not get as lucky as we did….

Amazing how both skydivers were just feet from being shredded by the propeller, wing and tail of the airplane. The instructor knows that he came seconds from meeting his maker, meanwhile the woman just is having the best time screaming “Wooo!” and thinking that coming feet from a speeding plane is part of the experience.