These Stories Of The Most Insane Coworker Meltdowns Ever Witnessed Will Have You Wanting To Work From Home

One of the most entertaining parts about working in a large office is getting to watch clashing personalities converge on each other all in the name of a salary. For the most part, nobody in an office chooses their coworkers and they’re just there to do a job and get paid. This often leads to some strange conflicts in the workplace and occasionally those conflicts involved a complete and total meltdown. Below are stories from random people sharing the most wild and outrageous meltdowns they’ve ever seen in the office (via AskReddit):

I worked in a nursing home for a while. We had this older lady in who was rather mean and a bit of an old bat. She had a short temper and would get quite rude with you when you had to help her with personal care. She didn’t like speaking to the staff either.
My coworker had been working with her all morning and was pushing her back to her room in her wheelchair after lunch. The woman had been pissy with my coworker all morning. As she was wheeling her up the corridor she was talking to the lady and asked if she was seeing her family that day. The lady told her to shut the fuck up and just push her. My coworker stopped dead in the middle of the corridor, put the brakes on the lady’s wheelchair, grabbed her bag from the office and walked out to her car and drove off. She never came back after that.

When I was in highschool, I was a busser at a kind of fancy steak place. Think Ruth’s Chris but just a tad more casual. Anyway, this one kid who bussed with me was moving out of state and decided to not give a two weeks notice. The last day he was able to come in before he moved, he walked up to like 2 or 3 tables and just ripped the nastiest sounding farts I had ever heard. I “accidentally” walked in the back when the manger was firing him. Manager says “why would you do that instead of just telling me you quit?” My buddy responds “I fucking hate this place.” He then farted again and walked out.
It’s not so much a meltdown, but it’s still pretty amusing.

Pizza Hut manager asked one of the drivers to put on his uniform shirt. Driver flipped out and tried to set his shirt on fire in the lobby while screaming about oppression. Then he took off for some reason and drove to the airport where he jumped the fence leading to the tarmac. Got roughly arrested by the airport cops. We never saw him again.
Turned out he had drank a bunch of Robitussin.

I don’t know if this counts as a meltdown, but at my previous company, our IT guy used to get naked in the server room. No idea why, he just did.
One day, one of the ladies in HR with computer problems walks in there without knocking, and finds him naked with a jar of peanut butter (not sure what he was doing with that). IT guy gets dressed, and goes to HR and quits and storms out about an hour later.
And for some reason, when he left, the guy left the Jar of Peanut butter in the server room.

I was doing carpentry work in the ghetto with another carpenter, “Old Jim.” Some local kids were there cracking wise, being smart mouthed and just generally hanging around, annoying the hell out of both of us. Old Jim yelled at them a few times. They kept it up. Old Jim got madder. They thought that was even more fun and started walking right up to Old Jim and smart mouthing him right to his face. Old Jim listened to maybe two of them before he’d heard enough.
He grabbed the last kid, lifted him up against a wall we were building, grabbed his nail gun and nailed through the shoulders of the kids jacket so the kid was literally hung on the wall, dangling from his jacket. Old Jim got 1 inch from his face and just screamed at the kid for a few minutes, just absolutely red-faced screaming at him. The kid’s eyes were huge, he suddenly wasn’t the little smarty pants he had been a minute earlier, he was scared to death, hanging from a wall with a screaming madman right in his face. Old Jim had a meltdown, he kept it up for a full 2 minutes, just screaming an inch away from the kid’s face. The kid was near tears.
Finally Old Jim had said his peace. He got a pry bar, pull out the nails and the kid came down off the wall. That kid’s feet hit the ground and he was GONE, running for everything he was worth. It seemed like he just sort of instantly vaporized the instant he hit the ground.
An hour later the cops show up. “Boys, sorry, but you can’t nail kids to a wall,…” Old Jim had to pay for the kid’s jacket.

A guy just went batshit at one point when a manager spoke to him for taking time off of the phone after a hard call – this is in a telemarketing company. The dude lost his shit, screamed out the manager, and left. Then he went on a popular forum, and spilled all the company bullshit.
We had press and crap trying to ask us questions.

I was working in a fast food kitchen and we hired this shifty looking guy in his 50s named Chicago. His first day he started complaining because we kept him on only one task because he was new and still slow. Before we know it he was yelling, “Yall just dont want me to shine. Yall just scared.” Then, he just walked out muttering that this place was too dirty to work in ( we had just opened so the place was in no way dirty).

Waiting tables, he goes in the bathroom and doesn’t come out for an hour. I took all of the tables for the section while he was gone. When he comes out very clearly on some type of drugs, he is angry I stole tips from him by not waiting for him to get back before I seated people. He cusses as he walks out. Came back a week later demanding the tips from the tables that he should have waited on.

I used to work at a bookstore with two guys named Sean and Warren. Sean was a real abrasive asshole, loved insulting people and getting under their skin, and as such a lot of people hated Sean, but nobody hated him more than Warren. Warren had some anger management issues and with the way Sean kept pushing his buttons it was only a matter of time before Warren snapped. We all knew there was going to be a showdown between them at some point. We did not expect it to happen behind the cash wrap two days before Christmas in front of about a hundred customers. I was on the other side of the store when it happened and by the time I rushed over the fight had already been broken up. I don’t know what Sean said to Warren but Warren had finally snapped and punched Sean and it turned into an all out brawl between the two. Since Warren had thrown the first punch we told him to go home and Sean stayed at the cash wrap. I started helping a customer find a book in our computer system when there was another commotion next to me. Warren had taken the combination lock off his locker from in back and was now bashing Sean over the head with it. I had to grab Warren, pull him off and calm him down and he finally left. I then just went straight back to helping the customer find the book she wanted and Sean went in back to calm himself down.
Sean wound up quitting because he was afraid he’d get fired (I don’t know if he would have) and Warren was fired. Last I’d heard of Warren he was on trial for attempted murder after he stabbed an ex-girlfriend’s then current boyfriend in the throat with a pen.

After the 3rd time one of our perpetually aloof lab techs didn’t hook up the slurry waste discharge to the catch bucket, causing it to overflow onto the floor, one of our other techs literally put his head through the wall in frustration. It was hilarious

A manager that wasn’t really my manager. When his bosses were gone, he would take 1-2 hour lunches. On the clock. We were allowed a 30 minute lunch off the clock. He would sit in the management office and eat a little, read the paper. Just basically not working while the store got busy. It was fairly well known by the lower workers he did this, we just didn’t say anything. One day a manager of equal power from a different department confronted him about it while he had been on lunch for over an hour.
He picked up his sandwich and threw it at her yellin about why doesn’t he get to take his lunch in peace like everyone else. Basically just went on this rant of irrelevant stuff. Then just stopped, and went back to reading the paper. He got fired by the end of the day.

Used to work at Ruby Tuesday and the newly promoted GM decided to quit by throwing his keys in the deep fryer.

Having worked in telco tech support for a few years at the front line and 2nd levels. (many moons ago, I saw a few of these) I wish to pre-face that none of these people were fired for this although many of them quit on their own accord shortly afterwards.
1.) Co-worker was getting exceptionally frustrated at a customer who didn’t quite understand the concept of “Click the ok button”. After several attempts at this he yelled in a fit of anger “CLICK THE FUCKING OK BUTTON.”
As I didn’t reach the mute button in time the customer I was on the phone with started laughing and mentioned how it sounded like someone was having a bad day. The mute button was often your friend in coworker meltdown stories in phone tech support.
2.) Shortly after I became a second level agent, a coworker of mine who was particularly high strung would go from 0 -> 100 pretty quickly. Without any warning he ended up ripping his headset off his head and yelling “FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCK” as loudly as his lungs and larynx would allow him, the manager who was on duty at the time was a lovely woman emerged from her office just to see this employee smash his headset to pieces. He got the rest of the day off.
3.) We had a gentleman working who was doing the graveyard shift. Back at the time this story happened it was done solo. He had a particularly bad phone call where a customer wasn’t able to rent an adult film and was getting upset about it using language he probably wouldn’t have used in a face-to-face encounter. The employee in question hung up the phone, left of the office, having made the quick decision to end his employment. Threw his ID in dumpster and went home to sleep. He later remarked that it was the best sleep he ever had.

Woman kept taking off and coming in late, she was about 50. Eventually the boss called her in and asked “what is going on?”.
The woman just loses it saying it’s none of their business. Boss tells her that they will have to let her go if she misses one more day or is late again this year as she missed (15 days unscheduled, used her sick time, and vacation days and was late EVERY day by up to an hour and it was only april) and they will be docking her for those hours she wasn’t here or left early. Woman starts SCREAMING “You don’t have that right” “YOU CAN’T TAKE MY MONEY!” “FUCK YOU JUST FUCK YOU”. Eventually she pulled the mat ontop of the desk of sending papers and the computer to the floor. Boss booked it and locked her in the room where she continued to kick holes in the drywall and break everything in sight. Security comes, They call the police, Police come go in and she started throwing stuff at them screaming “THAT’S MY GOD DAMN FUCKING MONEY” we were escorted off the floor and I’m guessing they tased her or something because she was taken out hand cuffed to a wheelchair.

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