10 Ridiculously Expensive Restaurant Items, Including A $5,000 Burger

Vegas is a ridiculous city. A couple blocks away from a pawn shop where someone’s selling their grandma’s jewelry for one more shoe on the blackjack table, someone is spending $5,000 in gambling earnings on a burger.

Inside the Mandalay Bay, the Fleur de Lys serves a ridiculous burger for $5000. The patty is Wagyu beef and foie gras. There’s a healthy drizzle of truffle sauce on a bun made out of truffles, along with a rare bottle of wine from France.

Here’s the crazy thing: It’s not even the most expensive restaurant item on our video recap of outrageously expensive restaurant items. For $250 a pop, the lobster-stuffed-with-mac-‘n-cheese at Barton G in Miami seems like a bargain.

Watch the video above for the full breakdown.

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