Insecure Dude Has Meltdown When Girl Calls Him Out For Photoshopping His Muscles, Tries To Say He Has A 10 Inch Dick



There is not a single situation you could possibly cook up where showing an overabundance of emotion will give you the upper hand, save for the moments when your girlfriend whips out the tears and you immediately regret every “mean” thing you’ve said in the past 10 minutes.

Even though the guy featured in this Facebook messenger conversation may have said “I’m the one who looks like a horse when I’m naked, and you’re the one who has the body of an 8th grade child” to a girl who pointed out his shitty Photoshop skills, we all know who the winner here was, and it’s clearly not the person having a fucking emotional breakdown over the Internet. Save your rage for the gym, not for easily screen-shotted conversations that will make you look like a dumbass:







This guy’s reaction is literally the definition of “do less, dude.” Insecure, much?

[H/T Metro]