Here Are Some Instagram Features You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

Instagram Post Notifications


Instagram now boasts over 400 million users. Some users have been around since day one while others are brand new. Whether you’ve been double tapping and hashtagging for years or hours, there are more than a few Instagram features that some people don’t know exist — until now.

Here are seven features you might not know about:

  • If you never use filters, and don’t plan on it, there’s a way to hide them so they don’t pop up every time
  • You can hide the awful photos friends tag you in without untagging yourself
  • You can troll the photos all your friends liked all in one spot
  • You can see every single photo you’ve ever liked
  • You can get notified when your favorite accounts update (seen in photo above)
  • You can direct message people
  • You can send any photo through DM, even photos that aren’t your own

If you didn’t know any, or some, of these well then you’re welcome. If you knew them all, why didn’t you just write the post yourself? Wiseass.

Also, that’s my Instagram account in the photo above, so why don’t you go ahead and follow it.

[via Business Insider]