People On Instagram Are Struggling To Figure Out If This Woman Is A Real Human Being Or Not

We’ve all seen selfies on the internet where it’s so obvious that the photo was doctored it’s not even funny. (Sup, Lilo.) However, now there is an Instagram account where people literally don’t know if what they are seeing is real or fake.

Instagram “user” @lilimiquela appeared on the net a few months ago and has already racked up over 66,000 followers as of my writing this. Based on the comments of those who keep up with her a bunch of them don’t even know what to think.

We’ve seen some crazy things done with makeup and filters to render people almost unrecognizable over the years so Miquela could actually be a real person. She just doesn’t look real. In fact, she looks like a character straight out of The Sims.

She also has a Twitter account where once again there are no real answers to be found.

According to one commenter, “She is a video game/ graphic designer. She does this on purpose. Rumour has it, she is doing something for sims 5.” That definitely is a real possibility here, but still it’s not at all definitive.

Regardless of whether she is real or just a computer-generated image Miquela is certainly interesting, we’ll give her that.

She also posts things like these which make it even more confusing…

Listening to Mavado & buying cupcakes wyd?

@beautycon was lit!!! Got all this awesome stuff and met so many inspiring people

Tried to catch this rare goddess pokemon @beautycon but she got away

And then there’s this…


So are you going to follow her just to, hopefully, find out if she’s real? I think I am. Curiosity is such a bitch.

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