Instagramming Your Food Makes It Taste Worse

“Loving this pastrami egg sandwich and bottomless coffee at @thegeneralmuir for brunch!”

“The fusilli with autumn squash, bacon, toasted almonds, and truffled pecorino at @redhendc is like the best mac and cheese you'll ever have!”*

It turns out all those posts on Instagram about how AMAZING and NOMS your meal is about to be have an undesired effect. They make it taste worse. 

According to a recent study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, Instagramming your food beforehand makes it much less satisfying. 

The researchers hypothesized that imagining enjoying something might lead to satiation—the feeling that makes the second piece of cake taste not-quite-as-good as the first.

In the experiment, participants were shown pictures of food they were about to consume. 

The more photos of food people looked at, the less they enjoyed [it]

So if you've been waiting some time to finally hit that four-star restaurant, it'll be better for you to experience it the old-fashioned way. Without blasting it to all of your friends. 

[H/T The Atlantic]  

*These are all real quotes, pulled from a hate-follow of mine on Instagram.